Thursday, February 16, 2012

My sweetest downfall...

is, without a doubt, DESSERT. For some odd reason, I have absolutely no self-control when it comes to dessert, and I really struggle with monitoring my portion sizes (especially in the sugar department). One of my most wonderful friends, Shannon, shares a sweet tooth, so we have decided (for the 6th? 7th? year in a row) to give up sweets for lent. Except this year, we started a little bit early...As in yesterday. It is so helpful to have the support and encouragement of my good friend throughout this endeavor, because I definitely couldn't do it alone! I am hoping that cutting myself off from sweets until Easter will do several things:

1. Help me to become less reliant upon sweet treats for a quick "pick-me-up".
2. Encourage me to become more responsible about the way I eat and my overall health. 
3. Save me some money!

So far it has been pretty easy! I think that this is simply because I know that dessert is not even an option, rather than going through an internal struggle about whether or not I should pile every single topping on my fro-yo! 

This is going to be great Shan!


  1. ooh! i don't know if i could give up sweets. that after dinner ice cream seems pretty essential even though i know it's not really. good for you! and so fun to hear you live in arizona! :)

  2. OH wow! You are awesome. I don't think I could...I mean, I am NOT a big sweet eater...but to give it up entirely sounds too hard for me to bear! haha...awesome you have a friend to do it with!