Friday, March 2, 2012

Just say "no"!

Throughout the past few years of giving up sweets for lent, there is something that has always bothered me. Although I am happy to report that it has become easier for me to handle, I am still slightly troubled by the comments made by others who seem to be skeptical about my decision to give up sweets for 40 days. Examples of these comments are, "Come on, one cookie is NOT going to hurt you...", "That must be so horrible...why would you ever want to give up dessert?", or, my personal favorite, " kind of diet?" Honestly, I do not concern myself with what other people are eating, so why should I be constantly questioned? There are cases when I politely decline dessert, and the person offering it acts so offended! When others are judgmental, it never fails to make me feel uncomfortable, but I had an important realization the other day. This may be an odd comparison, but I saw an "Above the Influence" PSA, and it got me thinking about the little phrase that was engrained into my head throughout my time in school, "Just say no!" Obviously, I know that this phrase was supposed to be used in situations drug/alcohol situations, but it totally applies to any kind of peer pressure! If I can rise above the situation, and remember that I do not have to let anyone dictate my decisions, I think I will start to become much more comfortable with the comments opinions of others.
 In the wise words of Young Jeezy, "you just do you, umma do me." :)

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