Friday, January 27, 2012

A little push in the right direction!

As an art major, sometimes it is tough to constantly find new inspiration for my artwork, and it is not uncommon for me to find myself in a rut. After 12 hours of mandatory painting every week, it can be difficult for me to find the motivation to go into the studio on the weekends! Needless to say, when my painting professor suggested that our class take a field trip to his studio downtown to look at some of his artwork in place of our regular 3 hour painting time, I was absolutely delighted (not to mention relieved...I had been dreading that class all day)! When we arrived and this shabby old run-down studio, I was instantly affected by the positive atmosphere. The space was filled with passionate artists all exploring their own ideas, and it was apparent that they were enjoying their time with the paint and canvas, completely at peace with what they were creating. "This is what it should feel like...", I thought. After hearing my professor talk about his own work, his techniques, and his inspirations, I was all jazzed up, and couldn't wait to start exploring some of my own ideas in the same way. Although I did not do any painting that day, I feel that the little outing we took was much more productive and worthwhile than 3 hours of studio time would have been, and I am so grateful for the enjoyable (and necessary) nudge in the right direction. From this experience I learned that all you really need to get back on track (in any facet of life) is a little bit of inspiration!

Here is one of my professor's paintings...SO COOL!

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